Top Caribbean Travel Blogs.

Here at A Week at the Beach, I blog about one thing only; a perfect week at a perfect beach that is easy to get to from the U.S.

Why? The experience of a rejuvenating week at the beach is something that people are seeking more and more. This may not be their big trip for the year by any means (Africa, Eastern Europe, off-the-beaten-path South America are all hot long-haul destinations for Americans right now), but this simple week at the beach is important.

But why?

Relaxing, unplugging, meditating, connecting with friends, family, strangers and yourself while living in the precious present tense… this is what I believe a relaxing week on the beach is all about. And if you have to travel for days and days to get there, that detracts from the experience.

You’ll find plenty of awesome content across the web about adventure travel, backpacking, budget travel and luxury travel to every destination on earth, but I’ve found a massive lack of well-curated information about a good old-fashioned week at a great beach.

So anyway, I’m on a mission to change that. Have a look at some of the destinations featured on this blog to see what places I’m excited about when it comes to relaxing beach getaways.

And here’s where I find news and inspiration. In addition to my action-packed Twitter feed, I read these blogs to stay up-to-date on the latest news and travel information for the destinations I cover.

Happy reading!

P.S. What else should I be reading to keep up on the latest in Caribbean travel?


 Uncommon Caribbean

Island Magazine’s Blog

Journey Mexico’s Blog

Dave’s Travel Corner

Caribbean Travel Magazine

And of course Tnooz and Skift, I’m a travel tech nerd at heart!


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